Defence Geo Informatics Research Establishment: Key Facts

The Defence Research Development Organization recently launched a new laboratory Defence Geo Informatics Research Establishment. The new lab was established by merging existing labs – the Manali-based Snow and Avalanche Studies Establishment (SASE) and the Delhi-based Defence Terrain Research Establishment. This new lab will focus on researching terrain and avalanches along the borders with China and Pakistan. The merger is a part of the DRDO’s aim to be more result-oriented.

About SASE

The SASE was involved in the study of snow and avalanches.

Establishment had prepared avalanche atlas for more than 3000 on-road location in different parts of the country, especially in the terrains where the armed forces were deployed.


it was established in 1954. The primary function of the laboratory was to evaluate the deadlines and assess mobility potential of inaccessible areas. It developed reliable systems that predicted current characteristics various types of triangles based on modern techniques. Also the laboratory developed infrastructure with the latest techniques related and Research.

The mission of the laboratory was to create and update Terrain intelligence reports and thematic maps for the users.

 DRDO Laboratories

The following are the different DRDO Laboratories

  • ANURAG: Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group located in Hyderabad Researches on Computational System
  • ASL: Advanced Systems Laboratory located in Hyderabad Researches on Missiles and Strategic Systems
  • ADRDE: Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment located in Agra Researches on Parachutes and Aerial Systems
  • ADE: Aeronautical Development Establishment located In Bengaluru researches on Aeronautics
  • ARDE: Armament Research and Development Establishment located in Pune Researches Armaments
  • CABS: Centre for Airborne Systems located in Bengaluru Researches Airborne Systems
  • CAIR: Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics located in Bengaluru researches on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • CFEED: Centre for Fire, Explosives and Environment Safety located in Delhi researches on Explosives
  • CHESS: Centre for High Energy Systems and Sciences located in Hyderabad researches High Energy Weapons
  • CVRDE: Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment located in Chennai Researches Combat Vehicles
  • DARE: Defence Avionics Research Establishment Located in Bengaluru Researches Avionics
  • DEBEL: Difference Bioengineering and Electro Medical Laboratory located in Bengaluru Researches Bioengineering
  • DEAL: Defence Electronics Application Laboratory located in Dehradun researches Electronics and Communication Systems
  • DFRL: Defence Food Research Laboratory located in Mysore researches food
  • DIBER: Defence Institute of Bioenergy Research Located in Haldwani researches Bioenergy
  • DIHAR: Defence Institute of Higher Altitude Research located in Leh researches High Altitude Agro Animal Research
  • DIPAS: Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences located in Delhi researches Physiology
  • DIPR: Defence Institute of Psychological Research located In Delhi researches Psychology
  • DL: Defence Laboratory Located in Jodhpur researches Camouflaging and Isotopes
  • DLRL: Defence Electronics Research Laboratory located in Hyderabad researches Electronic Warfare
  • DMSRDE: Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment located In Kanpur researches Textiles, Polymers and Composites
  • DMRL: Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory Located in Hyderabad researches Metallurgy
  • DRDE: Defence Research and Development Establishment located In Gwalior researches Chemical and Biological Warfare
  • DRDL: Defence Research and Development Laboratory located in Hyderabad researches Missile and Strategic Systems
  • DRL:Defence Research Laboratory researches Health And Hygiene
  • GTRE: Gas Turbine Research Establishment located In Bangalore
  • HEMRL: High Energy Materials Research Laboratory located in Pune researches High Energy Materials
  • INMAS: Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences located in Delhi
  • JCB: Joint Cipher Bureau located in Delhi researches Cipher System
  • LASTEC: Laser Science and Technology Centre located In Delhi researches Laser Technology
  • LRDE: Microwave Tube Research and Development Centre located In Bengaluru researches Microwave Devices
  • MTRDC: Naval Materials Research Laboratory located In Ambernath researches Naval Materials
  • NPOL: Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory located In Kochi researches Sonar Systems
  • NSTL: Naval Science and Technological Laboratory located In Visakhapatnam researches Underwater Weapons
  • PXE: Proof and Experimental Establishment located In Balasore researches Armament Testing
  • RCI: Research Centre Imarat located in Hyderabad researches Missile and Strategic Systems
  • R&DE: Research and Development Establishment located in Pune Researches Engineering Systems and Weapon Platforms
  • SAG: Scientific Analysis Group located in Delhi researches Cryptology
  • SASE: Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment located in Chandigarh researches Snow and Avalanche
  • SSPL: Solid State Physics Laboratory located in Delhi researches Solid State and Semiconductor Materials
  • TBRL: Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory Located in Chandigarh researches Palace Takes
  • VRDE: Vehicles Research and Development Establishment located in Ahmednagar researches Wheeled Vehicles




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