CRS-25: SpaceX Cargo Dragon

CRS-25 SpaceX Cargo Dragon spacecraft was launched, recently. It was launched from “launch complex 39A” of the Kennedy Space Centre towards International Space Station.


  • It was scheduled to be launched in June 2022, but the launch got delayed by over a month due to a hydrazine leak on the spacecraft.
  • Spacecraft was lifted off on Falcon 9, which deployed the CRS-25 into low Earth orbit after 12 minutes.
  • It will dock with the International Space Station on July 16.
  • This was the 30th launch for SpaceX, so far in 2021, as compared to 31 in 2021.

Falcon 9 launch vehicle

  • Falcon 9 is the first stage of spacecraft. After deploying CRS-25 into low Earth orbit, it landed on a drone ship in Atlantic Ocean 7 & a half minutes later lift-off.
  • It completed its fifth flight. Earlier it launched the Crew-3, Crew-4 and CRS-22 missions for NASA. It had also launched Turksat 5B communications satellite.

About Dragon Spacecraft

The Dragon spacecraft is carrying a mission called CRS-25. It is carrying 2,668 kilograms of cargo, apart from science investigations, spacewalk equipment, hardware and crew supplies. It is also carrying 544 kilograms of equipment located in unpressurized trunk section the Dragon.

Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT)

Dragon Spacecraft is carrying a science payload called “Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation”. This payload will be installed on the exterior of the International Space Station. EMIT will help in studying the dust mineral in atmosphere and its interaction with the ecosystems globally.

Propellants of Dragon

Monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide are used as propellants in the Dragon spacecraft, for its Draco thrusters. Draco thrusters are used to control its approach to and departure from space station.




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