CCMB: Only centre pooling COVID-19 samples, To Culture virus in human lung cell

In India, the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad is the only centre to pool samples of COVID-19 in the country. The CCMB has now collaborated with Bengaluru based private company to take up a research activity.


The collaboration is to grow COVID-19 virus in human cell lines. This will enable in-vitro tests of vaccines and potential drugs against the virus. In order to achieve this the collaboration is to use human lung epithelial cell culture system that was developed by the private company.

The entire research will help the scientists understand pathological and molecular characteristics of the virus.

About the research

The virus is to be cultured outside the host (human). During the culture, the collaboration will test for the efficacy of drugs and vaccines against the virus. So far, CCMB has been growing the virus on the cells that were collected from African Greek Monkey.

The collaboration will help to get a clearer picture about the virus.

Why in Human Lung Cell?

The Virus is said to affect the respiratory system of human body very badly. Hence, the lung cells of all the cells are easily attacked by the virus. Hence, lung cells have been chosen for the study.


The CCMB is the only centre in India where the samples of COVID-19 are pooled. Pooling of samples is collecting the virus samples. So far 9 mutations of COVID-19 have been found. All such samples have been collected and stored at the centre.




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