Cairo ISSF World Cup

In 1986 the International Shooting Sport Federation introduced the ISSF World Cup. The latest edition of the ISSF World Cup is being held in Cairo.

Old Format of the World Cup

Shooters had to compete in a qualification stage until last year. The top eight shooters would then compete in a final starting from scratch. Two series of five shots were then shot by them. The finalists would next shoot a sequence of two shots. The shooter with the lowest cumulative score after each two-shot series would be eliminated, with the winner being determined after 24 shots.

In the women’s and men’s 25m pistol events, the finalists would compete in a progressive elimination format after the initial five-shot series of four sets.

New Format

In the new format, the top eight shooters are placed into two semi-final groups, each with four competitors, after the qualification stage is completed.

The four athletes would each take ten single shots, with points granted based on their scores: 4 for the highest, 3 for the second-highest, 2 for the second-lowest, and 1 for the lowest. The shooter with the lowest score would be eliminated after ten shots, and the remaining shooters would shoot another five shots, with the shooter with the lowest score being eliminated after that.

The top two shooters from each of the two groups would then participate in a final with a scoring structure similar to that of the semi-final. In the final after the bronze medal is given, the top 2 remaining face each other, and the first one to reach 16 points wins the gold.

The top eight shooters in the 25m pistol events are divided into two semi-finals following qualification. After four sets of five-shot series, the shooter with the lowest score is eliminated. The shooter with the next lowest score is eliminated after another five-shot series. In the final, a similar method is followed until only two shooters remain. These two then face each other in a five-shot series, with the first shooter to reach 16 hits winning.

India’s Performance

In the 10 m pistol, Saurabh Chaudhary won the gold in the men’s round and Esha Singh won the silver in the women’s round.




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