Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara. His other name is Amitraghata which means destroyer of foes. The Greek scholars write him as “Amitrachates” or “Allitrochates“. Chanakya served as Prime Minister of Bindusara for some years. Later, Khallataka became his prime minister.

  • During the initial years of his reign Bindusara subdued a revolt in Taxila & Avanti.
  • At Avanti, he sent his son Asoka, the fearsome general and a great warrior right from his childhood to subdue the revolt.
  • Bindusara had good foreign relations. He was friendly with the Greek King Antiochos-I and asked him to send sweet wine, figs and a philosopher. The two things were sent but third “a philosopher” was not sent as the land of the law at Greece did not permit.
  • Deimachos was a Syrian ambassador who came in the court of Bindusara.
  • Bindusara ruled for approximately 25-26 years and his succession was disputed which ultimately gave India a great king called Asoka.

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