Battle of Ghaghra

Battle of Ghaghra 1529

After Battle of Khanwa, Babur was now almost undisputed emperor of Delhi. The Rajputs were now not a problem. In 1529, Muhammad Lodi, brother of Ibrahim, who was the last Lodi claimant of the Delhi Throne, was defeated at the Battle of Ghaghra. The Battle of Ghaghra was important to the extent that it finished the challenge of last of the Lodis. Muhhamd Lodi was joined with the Sultan of Bengal Nusrat Shah, who accepted the peace terms with Babur.

  • The Battle of Ghaghra was last of the major engagement of Babur. He continued to consolidate the power and engage the Jagirs to Royal nobles.

The ill effects of heavy drinking and Hashish intoxication ruined his health. At the age of 47, on December 26, 1530 Babur died in his garden palace in Agra of an unknown disease. He was buried in Agra and now lies in peace in his favorite garden in Kabul, a city he had always loved, and chosen himself, surrounded by the people he loved, the fragrance of flowers. In Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan he is a National Hero.

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