Acute Encephalitis Syndrome fear in Bihar

At least 3 children have died in Bihar due to AES. In the last month, about 15 children were diagnosed with the disease.


AES or acute encephalitis syndrome is a group of diseases affecting the nervous system. It includes a group of conditions such as the Japanese encephalitis. It is caused by a variety of pathogens such as bacteria, virus, fungi, spirochetes, parasites, etc. and even by toxins.


Symptoms of AES includes acute fever, neurological conditions like delirium, disorientation, mental confusion and even coma. The onset of the neurological symptoms is very rapid and hence the physicians have a small window to bring the disease under control.

AES in Bihar

AES cases begin to appear in Bihar in the May to June period when the temperature rises for the summer. The disease is locally known as ‘chamki bukhar’. In 2019, the disease claimed more than 150 children and had affected over 600 children.



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