8 September: International Literacy Day observed

The International Literacy Day (ILD) is being observed every year across the world on 8 September to emphasize importance of literacy to individuals, society and communities. The day was instituted in 1966 by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This year it was 54th International Literacy Day.

ILD 2019 theme announced by UNESCO was “Literacy and Multilingualism”. It seeks to highlight importance of embracing linguistic diversity in education and literacy development as it is central to addressing persisting literacy challenges and to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.


The International Literacy Day (ILD) was officially proclaimed by UNESCO in its 14th Session in November 1966. Since then, it is celebrated annually by member countries of UNESCO.

Why September 8th? On this day in year 1965, World Congress of Ministers of Education had met for first time in Tehran, Iran to discuss the programme of education at international level.

Purpose of this day:

(i) To mobilize public opinion in favour of struggle against illiteracy.

(ii) To disseminate information on literacy and

(iii) To raise public awareness and the significance of literacy for individual and national development.




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