1082 Personnel received President’s Police Medals

On the occasion of Independence Day 2022, 1082 police personnel received the “Police Medals”. Among them, 347 personnel received the Police Medal for Gallantry, 87 received Police Medal for Distinguished Service while, 648 personnel received Police Medal for Meritorious Service. This year, 109 CRPF personnel and 108 Police personnel from Jammu and Kashmir have received Police Medal for Gallantry. Apart from them, 7 personnel received President’s Correctional Service Medal for Distinguished Service while 38 personnel received the Correctional Service Medal for Meritorious Service.

About President’s Police Medal:

The President’s Police Medal is presented to members of law enforcement in India. The award was established on March 1, 1951. It was initially called as “President’s Police and Fire Service Medal”. It is given for either gallantry or distinguished service. Police Medal for Gallantry is accorded with higher precedence. It is presented on Republic Day and Independence Day, annually. Features of the medal include;

  • It is made up of bronze and is circular in shape. It has the diameter of 35 mm.
  • The obverse of Police medal comprises of State Emblem of India at the centre, along with words POLICE MEDAL written above and state motto, Satyameva Jayate written below in Devanagari script.
  • Two five-pointed stars are present on either side of the medal. They separate the inscription.
  • Name of the recipient is inscribed on medal’s rim.

President’s Police Medal for Gallantry:

This award is presented for “gallantry in saving life and property, or in preventing crime or arresting criminals.” It can be presented to any member of a police service in country, without regarding the rank or time in service. Recipients of the award are given a monthly stipend. It is paid to them even in retirement. In case, recipient is dead, stipend is given to surviving spouse.

President’s Police Medal for Distinguished service:

This medal is presented for “long and distinguished service” to the personnel who have served for at least 21 years in police service or central police & security organizations.




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