Sports GK Questions - MCQs on Sports General Knowledge

Sports GK (General Knowledge) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on different sports and games for competitive examinations.

71. Who among the following was known as Flying Sikh?

[A] Milkha Singh
[B] Harbhajan Singh
[C] Yuvaraj Singh
[D] Gurbachan Singh

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72. Which among the following games was previously known as Mintonette?

[A] football
[B] baseball
[C] volleyball
[D] handball

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73. Which of the following Indian Sports Team is also known as “The Bhangra Boys?

[A] Cricket Team
[B] Hockey Team
[C] Kabaddi Team
[D] Football Team

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74. Dempo Sports Club is a sports club , one of the most prominent football team of India is based in ______?

[A] Kolkata
[B] Panjim
[C] Guwahati
[D] Bangalore

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75. Rungrado May Day Stadium is located in which country?

[A] Thailand
[B] China
[C] North Korea
[D] South Korea

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76. In which of the following sports/ games the term Interference is used?

[A] Golf
[B] Chess
[C] Squash
[D] Table Tennis

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77. Who among the following is first Indian to win an individual gold medal at any Olympic Games?

[A] Abhinav Bindra
[B] Muhammad Aslam
[C] Rajyavardhan Singh Rathode
[D] Mohammed Shahid

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78. In which year Mission Olympics in Army programme was launched?

[A] 1999
[B] 2000
[C] 2001
[D] 2002

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79. In Kho-Kho , the players occupying the squares are known as ________?

[A] Lobby
[B] Raiders
[C] Chasers
[D] Chukker

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80. Which was the first brand, Sachin Tendulkar endorsed in the beginning of his career?

[A] Boost
[B] Pepsi
[C] Nike
[D] None of them

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