Indian Polity & Constitution MCQs

Indian Polity & Constitution Objective / Multiple Choice (MCQs) Questions for Preparation of SSC-CGL, UPSC Civil Services, NDA, CDS, Railways and State Level Public Services Examinations of 2020-2021.

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91. Consumer Protection Act, 2019 has replaced which of the following?

[A] Consumer Protection Act, 1976
[B] Consumer Protection Act, 1986
[C] Consumer Protection Act, 1996
[D] Consumer Protection Act, 2006

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92. The headquarters of Central Consumer Protection Authority  is proposed in?

[A] Mumbai
[B] New Delhi
[C] Hyderabad
[D] Lucknow

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93. Which of the following items are included in the Essential Commodities Act?

[A] Drugs
[B] Fertilisers
[C] Pulses
[D] All of the above

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94. How many sections are there in the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988?

[A] 7
[B] 8
[C] 9
[D] 10

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95. An area declared “disturbed” according to the Disturbed Areas (Special Courts) Act, 1976  has to maintain status quo for how many months?

[A] 2 months
[B] 3 months
[C] 4 months
[D] 6 months

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96. The Mental Health Act was passed in which year?

[A] 1977
[B] 1987
[C] 1997
[D] 2007

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97. The Model Tenancy Act was passed in which year?

[A] 2017
[B] 2018
[C] 2019
[D] 2020

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98. Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act was passed in which year?

[A] 1992
[B] 1994
[C] 1996
[D] 1998

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99. Street Vendors Act was enacted in which year?

[A] 2014
[B] 2015
[C] 2016
[D] 2017

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100. Which section of the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 provides that the gram sabha, or village assembly, will initially pass a resolution recommending whose rights to which resources should be recognized?

[A] Section 6(1)
[B] Section 3(1)
[C] Section 4(2)
[D] Section 5(1)

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