Indian Economy MCQs

Indian Economy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Indian Economy for competitive examinations.

91. Which among is the characteristics of a Fixed shop Retailers?

[A] They operate on large scale
[B] They move from place to place
[C] They have credibility in the customers
[D] All of the above

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92. Since when did the supremacy of railways over roads started decreasing?

[A] 1950s
[B] 1850s
[C] 1900s
[D] 1990s

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93. What is the public sector on the R&D of their products?

[A] 13.5%
[B] 4.6%
[C] 9.5%
[D] 12.4%

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94. Which country among the BRICS countries spends maximum on R&D as a percentage of GDP?

[A] Brazil
[B] India
[C] China
[D] Russia

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95. In which year Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) was established?

[A] 1977
[B] 1966
[C] 1970
[D] 1973

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96. What is the interest rate the the banks get for the CRR money deposited with RBI?

[A] 5%
[B] equal to Repo Rate
[C] equal to bank rate
[D] no interest rate

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97. Which of the following is a short term money management technique of RBI?

[C] Repo
[D] None

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98. Which type of projects are funded by REITs?

[A] Completed Real Estate projects
[B] Incomplete Real Estate projects
[C] Green field Real Estate projects
[D] None

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99. From which year SEBI started to allow buyback shares in India?

[A] 1999
[B] 2000
[C] 1998
[D] 1995

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The Central Public Works Department is under the control of which ministry?

[A] Ministry of Rural Development
[B] Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

[C] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

[D] Ministry of Shipping

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