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51. Which of the following networking is used when centralized management is desired or if there is little room for cabling?

[A] Local Area Networking
[B] Wide Area Networking
[C] Passive Optical Local Area Networking
[D] Optical Area Networking

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52. Which of the following is true about Fiber Distributed Data Interface?

[A] It is a set of ANSI and ISO standards for data transmission on fiber optic lines in a local area network.
[B] It is based on the token ring protocol.
[C] It can extend in range up to 200 km.
[D] All of the Above

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53. Which of the following devices has high bandwidth?

[A] Switch
[B] Router
[C] Modem
[D] Bridge

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54. Which of the following represents a sine wave?

[A] Non-periodic analog signal
[B] Periodic analog signal
[C] Periodic digital signal
[D] Non-periodic digital signal

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55. Which of these network topologies have all the network nodes connected directly to each other?

[A] Bus
[B] Mesh
[C] Star
[D] Tree

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56. Which of the following transmission medium has categories named as RG-58, RG-59 and RG-11?

[A] Coaxial cables
[B] Twisted pair cables
[C] Fiber Optics
[D] None

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57. What is the bandwidth limit for CAT5e cable?

[A] upto 1 Mbps
[B] upto 2 Mbps
[C] upto 10 Mbps
[D] upto 1 Gbps

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58. Which of the following devices can help to extend the range of a wireless router?

[A] Wireless repeater
[B] Wireless adapter
[C] Wimax
[D] Network interface card

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59. Which university was connected for the first time with the Stanford Research Institute under ARPANET?

[A] University of California
[B] University of Michigan
[C] Harvard University
[D] University of New York

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60. What does ARPANET stand for?

[A] Automated Research Projects Agency Network
[B] American Research Projects Agency Network
[C] Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
[D] American Research Projects Automatic Network

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