81-Corporate Loans

Banking Awareness Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers with explanation on Corporate Loans for IBPS Bank PO, IBPS Bank Clerical, RRB PO and Clerical, SBI PO and SBI Clerical, IBPS Recruitments, RBI Grade B and RBI Bank

1. A Corporate Loan has which of the following features?

[A] Specified Repayment Schedule
[B] Fixed Interest Rate
[C] Specific Time and Amount
[D] All of the Above

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2. What is the time period for a Short term corporate loan?

[A] 1 Year
[B] 18 Months
[C] Both a and b
[D] None of the above

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3. What is the time period for an intermediate term corporate loan?

[A] 3 Year
[B] 4 Year
[C] 2Year
[D] 7 Year

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4. What is the time period for a long term corporate loan?

[A] 3-15 Years
[B] 3-23 Years
[C] 3-25 Years
[D] Unlimited time period

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5. Which of the following types of corporate loans are known as balloon loans?

[A] Short-term Loans
[B] Intermediate term Loans
[C] Long term Loans
[D] Both a and b

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6. Venture Loans are __________?

[A] Startup Loans
[B] Long-term Loans
[C] Loan for day to day activities
[D] Small period Loans

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7. Which of the following clearly define the Line of Credit loans?

[A] It is start-up loans allowing businesses to open.
[B] It allows businesses to borrow money from a lender at any given time, up to a certain amount of
[C] It is the simplest type of corporate loans.
[D] It is made so businesses can buy property.

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8. Corporate loans are offered to applicants who have established their business for how many years in India?

[A] 5
[B] 6
[C] 2
[D] 7

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9. What is the tenure for the Equipment Financing Loan?

[A] 3-4 Year
[B] 4-5 Year
[C] 1-3 Year
[D] 2-5 Year

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10. What is full form of RXIL?

[A] Receivable Experience of India Limited
[B] Reserve Exchange of India Limited
[C] Receivable Exchange of India Limited
[D] Reserve Exchange of India Location

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