34 - Micro-Credit and Micro-Finance

Banking Awareness Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Answers with explanation on Micro-Credit and Micro-Finance for IBPS Bank PO, IBPS Bank Clerical, RRB PO and Clerical, SBI PO and SBI Clerical, IBPS Recruitments, RBI Grade B and RBI Bank

Which of the following statements is/ are correct?

(i) At present Micro Finance Institutions (MFls) obtain finance from banks according to RBI guidelines.
(ii) MFIs provide small scale credit to low income households and small informal businesses. Select the correct option from the codes given below:
What is NOT an innovation likely to explain the high repayment rates of microcreditprograms?
What is NOT a source of difficulty in the estimation of the impact of microfinance projects?
What is NOT a mechanism that contributes to the success of micro-credits?
What does the microfinance model NOT predict?
Micro credit or micro finance is a novel approach to bank with the poor. In this approach bank credit is extended to the poor through which of the follwing?
Which of the following microfinance institution is Universal Bank?
Which of the following are loans of very small amounts given to low income groups or poor household?
Loans to poor people by banks have many limitations including lack of security and high operating cost. So to help them which type of finance system developed?
Which of the following statements related to Micro Finance System is wrong?

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