Who among the following is renowned for his contribution to the social cycle theory ?
[A]William Marshall
[B]Pitirim Sorokin
[C]Warren Zevon
[D]None of these

Pitirim Sorokin
Pitirim Sorokin was a Russian American sociologist born in modern-day Komi. At Harvard, he founded the Department of Sociology. He was a vocal critic of his colleague Talcott Parsons. Sorokin was an ardent opponent of communism, which he regarded as a “pest of man.” He is best known for his contributions to the social cycle theory. Social cycle theories are among the earliest social theories in sociology. Unlike the theory of social evolutionism, which views the evolution of society and human history as progressing in some new, unique direction(s), sociological cycle theory argues that events and stages of society and history are generally repeating themselves in cycles.