“Nagar Uday Abhiyan” has been launched by which state government of India?
[B]Madhya Pradesh
[D]Himachal Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh
The Madhya Pradesh government has recently launched “Nagar Uday Abhiyan” on December 25, 2016 in all 378 urban bodies in the state. The main aim of the Nagar Uday Abhiyan is to assess services provided to citizens and bring them at standard live, inform lower income class people residing in slums in urban areas about public welfare schemes and provide benefit of Antodaya, also inform them about works carried out for urban development and ensure contribution of citizens and other agencies in urban development schemes. The first phase will be held between December 25 and 28; the 2nd phase will be conducted between January 3 and 15 and the 3rd phase will take place between January 20 and February 5, 2017.