India’s first Digi Dhan mela has been held in which state to promote cashless transactions?
[B]Uttar Pradesh

India’s first Digi Dhan mela has been held in Gurugram, Haryana on December 26, 2016 to promote digital and cashless transactions. In it, a customer can purchase any item meant for sale by paying digitally only. All daily use items ranging from vegetables to general store, handicrafts, horticulture products, seed & fertilizers for farmers, etc., were available in this fair and the customers had to make payment through digital mode. The Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) working at the Common Service Centres educated the masses about how to use digital mode for making payments, instead of hard cash. The next Digi Dhan Mela will be organized in Dehradun on December 29, 2016 to promote plastic money.