India’s first Aadhaar enabled ATM has been launched by which bank?
[A]State Bank of India
[C]DCB Bank
[D]Axis Bank

DCB Bank
The DCB Bank has launched India’s first Aadhaar-based ATM usage facility to make transactions easier with ATM for customers. The ATM will accept Aadhaar number and Aadhaar fingerprint (biometric) instead of ATM/Debit Card and PIN to dispense cash from the bank account. It is a Cardless and PIN less ATM. The user can key-in the 12-digit Aadhaar number or swipe the card at an ATM to start a transaction, but at the stage of confirming the identity, it requires biometric details rather than the PIN. In case of authentication, a customer just has to put his/her finger on the scanner.