Quiz 387: Special Test Paper on Current General Awareness for Bank PO Examinations

1.Which among the following is a correct definition of Hematocrit?
(A)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells.
(B)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by white blood cells.
(C)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by Leucocytes and Thromobocytes
(D)proportion of blood volume that is occupied by plasma
(E)None of them

2.Which among the following categories of Non Banking Finance Companies has been recently introduced by Reserve Bank of India in February 2010?
(A)Asset Finance Companies (AFCs)
(B)Loan Companies (LCs)
(C)Investment Companies (ICs).
(D)Infrastructure Finance Companies (IFCs)
(E)Non Banking Multinational Companies (NBMCs)

3.Consider the following :
1. The Great Depression 2. Oil Crisis 3. Asian Crisis 4. Dubai Crisis 5. Greek Crisis 6. Global Financial Meltdown
Arrange the above in a correct
Oil Crisis 1970s
Asian Crisis 1997
Global Financial Meltdown 2008-09
Dubai crisis 2009
Greek Crisis 2009-10
‘, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>chronological order
(A)1 2 3 4 5 6
(B)1 3 4 2 5 6
(C)1 3 2 4 5 6
(D)1 2 3 4 6 5
(E)1 2 3 6 4 5

4.Sale of securities by RBI can be placed in which of the following categories?
(A)Reverse Repo Auction
(B)Repo Auction
(C)Open Market Operations
(D)Ways and means advances
(E)None of the above

5.Which among the following banks assist and coordinate in selling of the State Development Loans (SDLs) in India?
(A)Reserve Bank of India
(B)Scheduled Commercial Banks
(C)cooperative Banks
(D)Asian Development Bank
(E)International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

6.The portion of profits that a company distributes among its shareholders in the form of cash is usually known as _____?
(C)Stock Split
(D)Free Float

7.Which among the following will not be an entry in the Profit and Loss account of a bank ?
(A)Interest expense on deposits
(B)Interest earned on advances.
(C)Profit/loss on sale of assets
(D)Income from investment banking related activities
(E)Provision for Bad Borrowers

8.Which among the following three automobile companies of United States of America have been most recently referred to as “Detroit Three”?
(A)General Motors, Ford and Packard
(B)General Motors, Ford and Duesenberg
(C)General Motors, Packard and Chrysler
(D)General Motors, Ford and Chrysler
(E)None of them

9.In context with the current international economic environment, in recent times which among the following country has been frequently alleged by economists to adopt a Beggar Thy Neighbor Policy?

10.Narsimham Committee Report 1991 was related to which of the following ?
(A)Agriculture Reforms
(B)Trade Reforms
(C)Tax Reforms
(D)Financial Sector reforms
(E)Insurance Reforms

11.For how many hours in a day , the people of Norway experience Sunlight from late May to late July?
(A)12 hours
(B)4 hours
(C)20 hours
(D)16 hours
(E)8 hours

12.Most Initial Public Offering (IPOs) are done by the companies which are ___________?
(A)Very small cottage industries
(B)Smaller, younger companies which need capital to expand their business.
(C)Large privately-owned companies
(D)Public Sector Companies
(E)None of them

13.Which among the following is a measure of traffic flow?
(A)Passenger hour
(B)Passenger Kilometer
(E)passenger / day

14.The salaries and allowances of the Governor of Indian state are charged from the____?
(A)Consolidated Fund of the State
(B)Consolidated Fund of India
(C)Public Account of India
(D)Both A & B
(E)Contingency Fund of India

15.In which year, Capital of India was shifted to Delhi from Kolkata?

16.In which year the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI ) introduced the concept of “anchor investor” in public issues?

17.Against which of the following country’s Cricket team, India’s Sachin Tendulkar made is 13,000th run in Test cricket in January 2010?
(A)West Indies
(B)Sri Lanka

18.Which of the following country is Champion of 2010 ICC World Twenty20?
(C)South Africa
(D)New Zealand

19.Which among the following team is the defending Champion of 2010 FIFA World Cup?
(E)South Africa

20.Dempo Sports Club is a sports club , one of the most prominent football team of India is based in ______?

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