Quiz 382: International Current Affairs April 15-30, For All Examinations

1.Which of the following investment banking and securities firm was recently amid controversy because of its alleged help to Greek government to mask its national true debt facts, leading the Greek economy very close to bankruptcy in March 2010?
(A)First Horizon
(B)Goldman Sachs
(C)Barclays Capital
(D)ING Group
(E)Royal Bank of Scotland Group

2.Which among the following cities is the venue of the Expo 2010 the largest international expo held ever in the world?

3.Which among the following country is not among 13 most serious violators of religious freedom, included by U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom its latest report issued in April 2010 ?
(B)Saudi Arabia
(E)Sri Lanka

4.Oh Eun-Sun, a mountaineer recently became the first woman in the history to climb the 7 summits of the world and 21st person to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders. She is a citizen of ________?
(B)North Korea
(C)South Korea

5.Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean has been controversial over the maritime boundary for 40 years between which of the following two countries ? (the issue was resolved recently)
(A)Russia & Norway
(B)Norway and Finland
(C)Finland & Russia
(D)Russia & Denmark
(E)Denmark & Finland

6.Which of the following country has recently built world’s longest seawall?
(B)North Korea
(C)South Korea

7.Recently Omar Al-Bashir has been re-reelected as the president of which of the following countries in the first democratic election with multiple political parties participating ?

8.Which among the following is not a sister city of Bangalore?
(A)Minsk, Belarus
(B)San Francisco, United States
(C)Gunsan, South Korea
(D)Kharkiv, Ukraine
(E)Cleveland, United States

9.Wayne Rooney is associated with which of thefollowing sports?
(C)Basket Ball
(D)Table Tennis

10.Which among the following is highest civilian award in the United States ?
(A)Distinguished Service Medal
(B)Meritorious Civilian Service Award
(C)Presidential Medal of Freedom
(D)President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service
(E)None of them

11.The latest winners of London Marathon are ______in Men Categories and _________in women categories.
(A)Samuel Wanjiru, Irina Mikitenko
(B)Liliya Shobukhova, Josh Cassidy
(C)Samuel Wanjiru, Josh Cassidy
(D)Samuel Wanjiru, Josh Cassidy
(E)None of them

12.Ladies in white is an opposition movement consisting of wives and other female relatives of jailed dissidents in which of the following countries?

13.Heinz Fischer, who has been recently elected as President of Austria leads which of the following political parties of Austria?
(A)People’s Party
(B)Social Democratic Party
(C)Alliance for the Future of Austria
(E)Freedom party

14.Which among the following has become the first Arab state recently (April 2010) to implement a ban on smoking in public places?

15.In which country is located Eyjafjallajökull volcano?

16.Consider the following countries:
1. Israel 2. Nepal 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Malaysia
Select the Group of Nations, with which India has an extradition treaty?
(A)Israel & Saudi Arabia
(B)Nepal & Saudi Arabia
(C)Nepal, Saudi Arabia & Malaysia
(D)Saudi Arabia & Malaysia
(E)Nepal, Malaysia

17.Navanethem Pillay, a South African National of Indian origin was the first non-white woman on the High Court of South Africa. What is her current profession?
(A)Judge of the International Criminal Court
(B)International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
(C)United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
(D)United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
(E)None of them

18.What is the current number of Time Zones in Russia?

19.Who among the following Indian Americans has topped the list of 10 greenest billionaires chosen by Forbes “who are most active in green, sustainable causes and who are working to have the greatest impact.”?
(A)Amar Bose
(B)Bharat Desai
(C)Pradeep Sindhu
(D)Ram Sri Ram
(E)Vinod Khosla

20.Roza Otunbayeva is the working head of a provisional government in which of the following central Asian countries (she has been on this job, since series of riots which led to the ousting of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev)?

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