Quiz 376 : General Awareness for Banking, SSC and State Exams

1.Who among the following is the current chief Justice of United States of America?
(A)John G. Roberts
(B)William Rehnquist.
(C)Warren E Burger
(D)Earl Warren
(E)None of the above

2.In which year India was certified as being free of variola (small pox virus) due to Indian national smallpox eradication programme (NSEP) and its intensified version (INSEP)?

3.Apart from UN General Assembly, which among the following is not among five principal active organs of United Nations?
(A)UN Security Council
(B)UN Economic and Social Council
(C)UN Secretariat
(D)UN Trusteeship Council
(E)International Court of Justice

4.The United Nations General Assembly appoints the Secretary-General of the United Nations on recommendation of which of the following organ?
(A)Security Council
(C)International Court of Justice
(D)Security Council and secretariat
(E)ICJ and Security Council

5.Arrange Radio, Television , Films & Print Media In their sequence of arrival in India?
(A)Print, Radio, Television, Films
(B)Print, Films, Radio, Television
(C)Print, Radio, Films, Television
(D)Radio, Print, Films, Television
(E)Print, Radio, Films, Television

6.Which among the following world heritage site of India is owned by two states?
(A)Valley of Flowers National Park
(B)Mountain Railways of India
(C)Sundarbans National Park
(D)Kalka-Shimla Railway
(E)Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

7.Which among the following is not among
3.Jaisalmer Fort
4.Red Fort
5.Nalanda University
6.Dholavira Site
7.Meenakshi Temple’, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>Seven Wonders of India
short listed by NDTV in association with Ministry of Tourism Government of India in 2008-09 through a nationwide campaign based upon public votes?
(A)Sun Temple, Konark
(B)Jaisalmer Fort
(C)Nalanda University
(D)Meenakshi Temple
(E)Qutub Minar

8.Althing is the national parliament of________?

9.Which of the following dates in May is observed as World Press Freedom Day?

10.Who among the following suspense films directors was known worldwide as “The Master of Suspense” and was hailed as most influential filmmaker of all time by Movie Maker?
(A)Stephen Hopkins
(B)Philip Kaufman
(C)Alfred Hitchcock
(D)John Huston
(E)Bryan Bertino

11.Which among the following is second
1–Hindi 422,048,642 Percentage of Total : 41.03
2–Bengali 83,369,769 Percentage of Total : 8.11
3–Telugu 74,002,856 Percentage of Total : 7.19
4–Marathi 71,936,894 Percentage of Total : 6.99
5–Tamil 60,793,814 Percentage of Total : 5.91
6–Urdu 51,536,111 Percentage of Total : 5.01
(source Census 2001)
Least spoken language is Sanskrit (only few people in following places speak Sanskrit: Mattur in Karnataka,Jhiri (Rajgadh) in Madhya Pradesh, Ganoda (Banswada) in Rajasthan, Bawali (Bagapat) in Uttar Pradesh ,
Mohad (Narasinhpur) in Madhya Pradesh. Bodo is next to Sanskrit and spoken by 1,350,478 people.’, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>most spoken language
of India as per census 2001?

12.Who among the following is the author of “The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza” ?
(B)George Qrwell
(C)Mark Twain
(D)George Bernard Shaw
(E)None of them

13.Which among the following major
The Times of India, ET : Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd.
Dainik Bhaskar : DB Crop Ltd.
Dainik Jagran : Jagaran Prakashan Ltd.
Malayala Manorama : Malayala Manorama Group
Eenadu : Ramoji Group.
Ananda Bazar Patrika : Ananda Publishers
Hindustan Times: HT Media Ltd
Sakshi : Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy
Mathrubhumi : The Mathrubhumi Group
Gujarat Samachar : Lok Prakashan Ltd.
Dinakaran : SUN TV
The Telegraph: Ananda Publishers
Prajavani, Deccan Herald : The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited
New Indian Express : Express Publications Ltd.
The Statesman: The Statesman Ltd.
The Hindu Business Line: Kasturi & Sons Ltd.
Business Standard: Business Standard Ltd. (BSL)’, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>newspaper is owned
by Ramoji Group?
(A)Deccan Chronicle
(E)None of them

14.Where are the headquarters of ICAO?

15.With which of the following faiths is associated “Tower of Silence”?
(C) Zoroastrians

16.Which of the following country as largest irrigated land area (based upon CIA Fact Book data of 2008) ?
(C)United States

17.As per latest data released by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in March 2010, India accounts for what fraction of
1. Largest arms supplier of the world: USA (30% market share)
2. Growth of global arms sale (2005-2009) = 22%
3. largest importer of American weapons : South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Israel.
4. China`s share in Global Defense sales: 9%
5. India`s sale in Global Defense Sales: 7%
6. China`s 89% import originated from Russia
7. India`s 77% import from Russia, UK supplied 8% and Israel 5% (conventional defense equipment) ‘, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>global defense sales

18.In which of the following regions of world United Nations Population Fund does not work?
(A)Middle East
(B)South America
(C)North America
(E)South East Asia

19.James Augustus Hickey is also known as ________?
(A)Father of Indian media
(B)Father of Indian Press
(C)Father of Indian Television
(D)Pioneer of Photography in India
(E)None of them

20.With which country is related October Revolution ?

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