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                                            This is a dynamic E-Book comprising the below UPSC Mains Model Questions as well as their answers written by GKToday team. The PDF E-Book can be instantly downloaded after payment. No Hadcopy is provided.
                                          1. The youth of India is increasingly getting into the trap of drug abuse. Discuss the factors that are pushing the youth in this direction. Also, discuss the measures to be taken to address the issue.
                                          2. In the context of primary healthcare in India, the only way to fulfill the objectives of equitable and comprehensive care is to democratize it. Discuss.
                                          3. Women in India do not enjoy their full reproductive rights. Highlight the interventions adopted to remove these barriers.
                                          4. Discuss the need for setting up of social stock exchange in India. What are the key challenges in their effective implementation?
                                          5. Without declaring the ‘right to health’ as a fundamental right, it is not possible to achieve the goal of Universal Health Coverage. Comment.
                                          6. Throw some light on the contribution of world food programme (WFP) in India’s efforts of addressing issue of hunger & malnutrition.
                                          7. Highlighting the role played by ASHA workers, discuss the challenges faced by them in the public health system of India.
                                          8. The National Digital Health Mission has the potential to transform the healthcare system, but the concerns around data privacy needs to be addressed. Examine.
                                          9. The acceptance for traditional medicines is growing, owing to multiple benefits offered by them. However, there are several challenges in its adoption at large scale. Discuss.
                                          10. Discuss the reasons for poor public service delivery in India. Also, suggest ways to make public service delivery more efficient.
                                          11. A robust digital healthcare ecosystem can help to address the challenges faced in implementation of healthcare schemes in India. Examine.
                                          12. Many critical issues related to Intellectual property regime has been raised after Covid pandemic along with demand for liberalisation of public health related goods and services. Discuss.
                                          13. Highlight the factors behind vector-borne disease increasingly becoming like epidemics in India. Suggest remedies for their control and management.
                                          14. It’s time to shift focus on other facets of Swachh Bharat Mission, other than construction of toilets as a part of solution for clean India. Discuss.
                                          15. Enumerate the features of Mission Indradhanush and challenges in progressing towards full immunization coverage. Suggest remedial measures to address these challenges.
                                          16. The idea of population control legislation in India has become irrelevant in the light of demographic changes highlighted by the NFHS-5. Critically examine.
                                          17. There is a need to focus on all three levels of healthcare in India with special focus on the primary health care. Comment.
                                          18. Discuss the importance of ASHA workers in India. What needs to be done to improve their working conditions?
                                          19. Why is the first 1,000 days of life significant for a child’s development? How can the frontline workers, like the ASHAs, help deliver necessary interventions during this crucial time period?
                                          20. Comment on the situation of tuberculosis in India. What are the challenges and way ahead?
                                          21. The 2022 World Toilet Day is being observed on the theme of ‘Making the Invisible Visible’. In this context, discuss various government’s programs to improve sanitation.
                                          22. Disclaimer: These questions have been written and answered by GKToday team over the period of time; and have included some previous years questions also. While every effort was made to ensure that these questions as well as their answers remain relevent and correct, it is possible, that some facts or context in some questions might have changed over time. GKToday does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by such change of facts or context in the questions and answers of this E-book.

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