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  1. World Bank: 21 million to be out of Covid-induced poverty
  2. UNCTAD: Indian economy to expand by 7.2% in 2021
  3. Lancet report: Booster shots 'not appropriate' for public
  4. India Rankings 2021 of National Institutional Ranking Framework
  5. IUCN: 37% of sharks and rays threatened with extinction
  6. PhonePe's Pulse Report on Digital Payments
  7. Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes (1970-2019)
  8. World Social Protection Report 2020-22- Highlights
  9. Report: Protected Areas in Central Africa 2020
  10. Study: Social Discrimination key factor in Stunting
  11. NCR Draft Regional Plan-2041
  12. UNEP: Leaded petrol eradicated from the world
  13. FBI report on US Hate Crimes
  14. NERDSD Goal Index Report & Dashboard to be launched
  15. ADB report: Covid-19 pushes 80 million people in Asia into Extreme Poverty
  16. India overtakes US to become 2nd Most attractive Manufacturing Hub
  17. Report: Third wave could peak late October
  18. UNICEF: Children in India at high risk of Climate Crisis impacts
  19. WFP report: Hunger spreading in Afghanistan
  20. Can Antibodies post vaccine fight Delta variant?
  21. India’s chronic disease burden fuelled Covid waves
  22. Study: Children born during pandemic have lower IQs
  23. Delhi Airport among world's top-50 best airports in 2021
  24. Global Youth Development Index 2020
  25. Study: COVID-19 during pregnancy is linked with preterm birth
  26. WHO Chief Scientist asks to prioritize school openings
  27. IPCC report: Indian Ocean Warming rapidly
  28. 65% TB cases in 15-45 age group
  29. Study: More than 13 million people died of covid in urban India
  30. Child Pregnancies in Haryana- Key facts
  31. Poverty in India is increasing again
  32. NITI Aayog -RMI Release a Report on Power Distribution Sector
  33. NSO survey: Unemployment rate rose to 13.3% in July-Sept 2020
  34. NCRB data on Suicides due to Unemployment
  35. NITI Aayog and IEA launches Renewables Integration in India report
  36. WHO Report on Drowning Prevention in Asia-Pacific
  37. Study: 46.2% Indians report poor quality of life
  38. ICMR Sero Survey: Two-thirds of Indians Exposed to Covid.
  39. Urban unemployment rate at 20.8% in the April-June quarter 2020
  40. Oxfam Report: India’s Unequal Healthcare Story
  41. WHO-UNICEF data on Child Vaccination
  42. OECD-FAO outlook report on Pulses
  43. Draft of Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
  44. State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 report
  45. Study: Global warming can cause malaria, dengue to billions
  46. Study: Risk of cardiovascular disease to increase in TN
  47. Oxfam's Hunger Virus Multiplies Report
  48. Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021
  49. Study: Over 7 lakh deaths per year in India linked to abnormal temperatures
  50. NewsOnAir Radio Live-stream Global Rankings released
  51. Delhi's NO2 pollution rose by 125 % in 1 year
  52. Delhi: Crime against women rose by 63.3%, so far in 2021
  53. 2021 Trafficking in Persons Report
  54. ILO report on International Migrant Workers
  55. Report on UDISE 2019-20 for School Education launched
  56. Google publishes report under new IT rules
  57. UN Report on International tourism
  58. Report: 1 bn tonnes CO2 to be removed by 2025 to meet climate goal
  59. India ranks 10th in Cybersecurity Index
  60. NITI Aayog: Study on 'Not-for-Profit' hospital model
  61. UN Report on Racial Justice and Equality
  62. FAO Report: Indigenous Peoples’ food systems
  63. Taj named strongest hotel brand in the world
  64. Report: Indians invested $40 bn in cryptocurrency in 2020
  65. UN World Drug Report 2021
  66. Moody's: India's growth projection at 9.6 per cent for 2021
  67. Reuters Digital News Report, 2021
  68. WHO Report: Suicide worldwide in 2019
  69. UN Annual Report on children and armed conflict
  70. UN: India is 5th largest FDI recipient in 2020
  71. UNDRR Report on Drought
  72. IMD's World Competitiveness Index
  73. Global Peace Index 2021
  74. UNESCO Science Report
  75. Sustainable Development Report 2021
  76. AEFI Panel confirms first Death linked to Vaccines
  77. World Giving Index 2021
  78. UNICEF Study on Ethiopia's Malnourished Children
  79. UNDP report on Aspirational Districts Programme
  80. Global House Price Index 2021
  81. All India Survey on Higher Education 2019-2020
  82. India to add 20 GW of Wind Energy Capacity by 2025: GWEC
  83. WHO Handbook on Foodborne Diseases
  84. Costs of Climate Change in India report- GDP to reduce annually
  85. ILO- UNICEF Report on Child Labour
  86. QS World University Rankings 2022
  87. World Bank's Global Economic Prospects Update
  88. Economist's annual survey of World's Most Liveable Cities
  89. CRISIL cuts India's GDP forecast to 9.5% from 11%
  90. World Employment and Social Outlook 2021
  91. Performance Grading Index 2019-20 released
  92. State of India’s Environment Report 2021
  93. UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Report
  94. NITI Aayog Sustainable Development Index
  95. NHRC advisories on Bonded Labourers & Migrant Workers
  96. Gender gap in India's Vaccination Drive
  97. The State of Ransomware 2021 report
  98. SBI revises FY22 GDP projection to 7.9%
  99. Heat deaths due to Global Warming
  100. India Q4 GDP Data
  101. FICCI's Business Confidence Survey
  102. China's Feat in Maternal and Child Survival Rates
  103. Global Annual to Decadal Climate Update
  104. Increase in number of smokers in India
  105. Sniffer Dogs 88% accurate in detecting Covid- Study
  106. Invasive species cost African Economy $3.66 trillion a year
  107. WHO-ILO Study: Long working hours increases deaths from heart disease and stroke
  108. Wholesale Price Index, WPI of April 2021
  109. Report: 99 of 100 cities with environmental risk are in Asia
  110. World Bank: Recent data on Global Remittance
  111. IEA: Renewable Energy Market Update
  112. China population grew at 0.53%
  113. IUCN Report: Conflict and Conservation
  114. Global Methane Assessment launched by UNEP and CCAC
  115. Food price index highest since 2014
  116. GNAFC's Global report on food crises
  117. Special 301 Report: US puts India on Priority Watch list
  118. Global Forest Goals Report, 2021
  119. Global Electric Vehicle Outlook, 2021
  120. ADB raises India GDP forecast by 11%
  121. Chandler Good Government Index
  122. SIPRI report on Military Spending
  123. RBI’s State of the Economy Report - Update (April, 2021)
  124. CSIR Sero survey Results
  125. SBI Report: FY22 growth at 10.4%,
  126. Second World Ocean Assessment
  127. IndRa: Cost of vaccinating India's population above 18 years 0.36% of GDP
  128. S&P: Growth of 11 per cent for India in 2021
  129. Global Energy Review
  130. Global Energy Transition Index
  131. US Commission proposes adding India to CPC list
  132. Amnesty International: Global review of the death penalty
  133. Crude oil output of India drops
  134. People's bank of china report on India's demographic advantage
  135. State of the Global Climate 2020 Report
  136. World Press Freedom Index, 2021
  137. Report: One in two Indian adults experienced cybercrime in last 12 months
  138. Tyrannosaurus rex outnumbered 2.5 billon
  139. Study: Only 3% of land areas unspoiled by humans
  140. National Climate Vulnerability Report
  141. US Treasury report: India placed on currency watch list
  142. Rural Health Statistics Report
  143. National level Climate Vulnerability report to be released
  144. IMF: Sub-Saharan Africa to see world's slowest growth in 2021
  145. Facebook Inclusive Internet Index
  146. IMF's Asia Growth Forecast
  147. 2021 Global food policy report
  148. Many Endemic species may go extinct if GHG emissions rise
  149. India’s Petroleum consumption contracts 9.1% in FY21
  150. Committee: 3 out of every 1,000 pregnant women in Meghalaya test positive for HIV
  151. RBI Consumer Confidence Index
  152. Forbes list of India’s 10 richest billionaires
  153. World Economic Outlook
  154. Monthly Economic Review: March 2021
  155. ARWU Ranking, 2020
  156. NSO report: Women and Men in India, 2020
  157. World in 2030: Public Survey Report
  158. 2021 Global Gender Gap Index: Key findings and India's Rank
  159. Forest Governance by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples: Key Findings
  160. NITI Aayog Investment in Healthcare Sector Report
  161. World Development Report 2021
  162. Global Wind Report-2021
  163. SBI report: India's 2nd Covid wave may last up to 100 days
  164. India TB Report 2021- Highlights
  165. International Intellectual Property Index- Highlights
  166. Fitch Ratings revises India's growth estimate to 12.8%
  167. World Happiness Report- Highlights
  168. EY survey: India among highest adopters of Digital Tech during Pandemic
  169. IQAir Study: New Delhi is World’s Most Polluted City
  170. Hurun India Wealth Report 2020
  171. AEG12 Mosquito Protein
  172. FICCI-BCG report: India's fintech industry seen at $150-160 bn by 2025
  173. Moody's report on Effect of Coronavirus
  174. Bloomberg Billionaires Index- Key Highlights
  175. World Bank report on 'Transport Integration in Eastern South Asia'
  176. OECD interim ‘Economic Outlook’
  177. Economic Freedom Index 2021- Highlights
  178. AWS survey on India's Digital skilled workforce
  179. UN calls for Scaling-up "Carbon Capture, Use and Storage" Technology
  180. Food Waste Index Report-2021
  181. India's Performance in QS World University Rankings
  182. IDC report: India's status in Wearable device market
  183. World Food Price Index rises in February
  184. Freedom House’s report: India declared as 'partly free'
  185. Ease of Living Index 2020 - Highlights
  186. WHO's first World Report on Hearing - Highlights
  187. IMD's Climate Summary for Winter 2021
  188. LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021: Key Highlights
  189. RBI's State of the Economy Report
  190. NSO’s GDP Forecast- Highlights
  191. CSE’s State of Environment Report- Highlights
  192. RBI's Report on Currency and Finance 2020-21
  193. State of School Feeding Worldwide Report- Highlights
  194. IIF Report: World's debt to increase in 2021
  195. RBI Data on Bank Credit and Deposits
  196. World Bank report: “Traffic Crash Injuries and Disabilities: The Burden on Indian Society”
  197. India Lost Crops on 18 Million Hectares during 2017-2019: Govt
  198. LANCET Modelling Study on Paris Climate Agreement
  199. EIU Democracy Index 2020
  200. Moody’s GDP Forecast- Key Highlights
  201. NCPCR Statement to Fight Child Labour and Begging
  202. What Home Ministry informed Parliament on Cybercrime?
  203. 15th Finance Commission’s final report
  204. UNWTO report: 2020 is Worst Year on Record
  205. Asia-Pacific Personalised Health Index
  206. India’s Rank on Covid-19 Response Index
  207. UNEP Global Climate Litigation Report 2021
  208. Reliance Jio- Fifth Strongest Brand Globally
  209. UN report on Ageing Dams
  210. National Non-Communicable Disease Monitoring Survey (NNMS)
  211. UN Global Climate Survey- Key Findings
  212. World Economic Outlook, 2021
  213. Global Climate Risk Index 2021
  214. UN report: World Economy Expected to regain 2020 losses
  215. Oxfam Report: The Inequality Virus
  216. UN: China overtakes US for Foreign Direct Investment
  217. Global Risks Report, 2021
  218. India Innovation Index, 2020
  219. Global Firepower Index, 2021
  220. International Migration 2020
  221. Henley Passport Index - Update (January, 2021)
  222. Management report of National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries
  223. Food Price Index of FAO
  224. Global Economic Prospects Report
  225. Statement on Climate of India during 2020
  226. RBI Digital Payments Index
  227. RBI Trend and Progress Report, 2020
  228. State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries, 2020
  229. Parliamentary Panel calls for Public Health Act
  230. Status of Leopard in India 2018 Report
  231. National Migrant Workers Database
  232. World Bank's updated Doing Business rankings
  233. Human Freedom Index, 2020
  234. Planetary Pressures-adjusted HDI
  235. UNESCO's 2020 State of Education for India Report
  236. Human Development Report, 2020
  237. Vision 2035: Public Health Surveillance in India
  238. Asian Development Outlook
  239. Urban Governance Index
  240. Climate Change Performance Index
  241. Smuggling in India report, 2019-20
  242. Trace Bribery Risk Matrix
  243. Annual Ranking of Police Stations
  244. World Trade Report of WTO: Key Highlights
  245. World Malaria Report, 2020
  246. US Air Quality Index-Highlights
  247. IATA: Shanghai becomes the most connected city in the world
  248. TRACE Bribery Risk Matrix: India ranks 77
  249. Vital Statistics of India based on Civil Registration System, 2018 released by Registrar General of India
  250. 11th Annual Pneumonia and Diarrhoea Progress Report
  251. IFSC submits its report on Capital Market to IFSCA
  252. India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) report on 'Deepening Cooperation in IBSA: Perspectives from Key Sectors' launched
  253. Fifteenth Finance Commission Report: Key Highlights
  254. Wildlife Institute of India: High Biodiversity in 49% of Ganges
  255. Facts Box: Key Findings of Katakey Panel
  256. NCAER Report: “Estimating the Economic Benefits of Investment in Monsoon Mission and High- Performance Computing Facilities”
  257. World Wide Fund Water Risk Filter Report: 30 Indian cities to face water risks
  258. Annual Status of Education Report for Rural India: Key Facts
  259. Migration and Development Brief Report of World Bank: Key Facts
  260. Public Affairs Index: Kerala, Goa & Chandigarh best governed states
  261. Doing Business in India Report, 2020: Key Facts
  262. NITI Aayog released “Electricity Access in India and Benchmarking Distribution Utilities” report
  263. Injeti Srinivas Committee submits report
  264. Anaemia Mukt Bharat Index released
  265. SOGA Report: India recorded the highest air pollution exposure
  266. World Economic Forum: “The Future of Jobs Report, 2020”
  267. CSE Report: Supports incentives and penalties to get clean power
  268. Global Hunger Index, 2020
  269. Lancet: Life Expectancy in India increases to 70.8 years
  270. Global Tuberculosis Report, 2020 of WHO
  271. State of Climate Services Report of WMO: Key Facts
  272. World Economic Outlook: Key Facts
  273. United Nations Still Birth Report
  274. World Bank: Biennial Poverty and Shared Prosperity report
  275. NSO Time Use Survey in India: Key Facts
  276. Data Governance Quality Index released by NITI Aayog: Key Facts
  277. “What India Eats” report by Indian Council Medical Research: Key Facts
  278. NCRB releases “Crimes in India” report
  279. NSO Survey: 92% Indian Women and only 27% men take part in unpaid domestic work
  280. Second Sero Survey results of ICMR: Key Findings
  281. GoI releases “Health in India” report
  282. CAG Report: Gujarat Tree Cover shrank between 2006 and 2017
  283. CAG report: Irregularities in Defence Purchases
  284. CAG Report: 40% of toilets in Government schools unused
  285. CAG report on Railways
  286. Sero Survey results communicated to the states
  287. Global Smart City Index: Indian cities slip; Singapore tops
  288. World Bank's Human Capital Index 2020: India Ranks 116th
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