Mechanisms Laws for Protection of Vulnerable Sections


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                                                                      1. Do government's schemes for up-lifting vulnerable and backward communities by protecting required social resources for them, lead to their exclusion in establishing businesses in urban economics?
                                                                      2. "The problems of North East have been a complex combination of conflict in nationalism, bargaining for autonomy, tribal matters, issues of illegal immigration and various socioeconomic problems."Explain.
                                                                      3. Critically examine the drivers of various conflicts and insurgency in north east region in India.
                                                                      4. "Feasibility factor in north east allows the insurgents to use violent means for political ends."Explain.
                                                                      5. What are various insurgent groups active in Nagaland? Which of them are currently in peace talks with Government? Discuss the progress made so far towards restoration of peace in Nagaland.
                                                                      6. "Constitution of India gives the Nagas a complete self-determination for themselves, as much or as little administrative isolation from the rest of India."Discuss in the light of relevant provisions.
                                                                      7. Describe the circumstances in which Nagas signed the Shillong Accord. Why Shillong Accord could not bring peace in Nagaland? Discuss.
                                                                      8. Critically examine the internal and external reasons that brought the spirit of nationalism among the Nagas. To what extent, this spirit was responsible for making Nagaland an epicentre of insurgency in North East? Examine.
                                                                      9. "So far, the peace in Nagaland remains elusive."Discuss in the light of recently signed framework agreement.
                                                                      10. What are the various factors that led to growth in the resentment in Manipuri people? List various insurgent groups active in Manipur.
                                                                      11. On what grounds, ULFA insists on its demand for Swadhin Asom? Discuss current status of peace process in Assam.
                                                                      12. To what extent the sixth schedule has been successful in pacifying the demands of people of North East states. Examine Critically.
                                                                      13. "Indian Constitution does not guarantee a separate homeland on ground of racial ethnicity but Bodoland seems to be an exception to this."Do you agree with this view? Discuss.
                                                                      14. Why are the tribals in India referred to as 'the Scheduled Tribes'? Indicate the major provisions enshrined in the Constitution of India for their upliftment.
                                                                      15. With reference to the POCSO Act, what is the recent verdict of the Supreme Court regarding mental age? Critically discuss with your own opinion on the same.
                                                                      16. What are “minority institutions”? How are they different from other institutions? Discuss in the light of constitutional provisions.
                                                                      17. Critically discuss the policy and legislative mechanisms in India to prevent child abuse? Why these mechanisms fail to act as the deterrent?|
                                                                      18. To what extent, the recent Supreme Court Judgement upon Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act tries to remove gender inequality perpetuated by this law? Examine.
                                                                      19. In recent times, several states in India have adopted the practice of creating separate schools and colleges for children of marginalised communities such as Dalits and Tribals. Does it bypass the mandate of inclusive education that must be open and accessible to children from all backgrounds, castes and religions? Discuss critically.
                                                                      20. Examine the relevance of key new criteria for identification of rural Urban poor as per Bibek Debroy Committee for implementation of the Socio Economic Survey. {This question had a mistake in original test paper, the word rural is to be replaced by urban.}
                                                                      21. What are the provisions of proposed women reservation bill? What are the hitches in its passage? Discuss.
                                                                      22. Discuss the constitutional, statutory and policy framework for protection of the rights of tribal and indigenous people in India.
                                                                      23. Is the National Commission for Women able to strategize and tackle the problems that women face at both public and private spheres? Give reasons in support of your answer.
                                                                      24. The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 is too protective of juvenile offenders? Comment citing specific provisions.
                                                                      25. What is the status of conjugal rights for prisoners in India? Why these rights are important?
                                                                      26. “Social justice for economically weaker sections, irrespective of caste and religion, is the need of the hour.” In this context, critically examine the steps taken by government over last few years to achieve social justice. (250 words, 15 Marks)
                                                                      27. Critically discuss the constitutional, legislative and policy provisions for safeguard of rights of Senior Citizens of India.
                                                                      28. Why the Citizenship Amendment Bill has created lot of unrest in Assam?
                                                                      29. What is Special Category status? What assistance do states with Special Category States get?
                                                                      30. What are your views about the recent figures released by the UNICEF on the prevalence of the malice of child marriage?
                                                                      31. How do you see the recent passage of Maratha Quota in Maharashtra by the Bombay High Court? Will this have a countrywide implication. Examine.
                                                                      32. Why the Supreme Court has withdrawn its earlier order which diluted the provisions of the SC/ST Act?
                                                                      33. Dalits continue to be marginalised sections of the society inspite of numerous measures for their upliftment. Discuss the constructive measures required to address the concerns of the community.
                                                                      34. Time and again demands have been made for a law to combat lynching. Discuss why the law alone will not be a panacea.
                                                                      35. Capital Punishment & Rape
                                                                      36. Disclaimer: These questions have been written and answered by GKToday team over the period of time; and have included some previous years questions also. While every effort was made to ensure that these questions as well as their answers remain relevent and correct, it is possible, that some facts or context in some questions might have changed over time. GKToday does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by such change of facts or context in the questions and answers of this E-book.

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