Linkages Between Development and Spread of Extremism


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                                                              1. "Politics in the northeast India is marked by ethnicity and extremism for a long time." Discuss in the light of recent happenings in Arunachal Pradesh.
                                                              2. Mizo Accord is said to be the only insurgency in the world that ended with a "stroke of pen". Critically discuss the factors that made this accord successful.
                                                              3. "Sixth schedule has ended up creating multiple power centers instead of bringing in a genuine process of democratization or autonomy in the North East". Opine.
                                                              4. Do you think that an all out operations against the armed outfits in north east is feasible? Argue.
                                                              5. To what extent, the policy to make the North East a developmental frontier is responsible for its economic backwardness. Discuss.
                                                              6. "Underdevelopment breeds insurgency and insurgency retards development". Discuss giving reference to India's North East Region.
                                                              7. Comment on various development efforts of Government of India in North East.
                                                              8. Give a critical appraisal of the North Eastern Council.
                                                              9. Critically assess the internal security threats from the recently created United Liberation Front of Western South East Asia (UNFLW).
                                                              10. While differentiating between Naxalism and Maoism, critically examine the ideological basis of left wing extremism in India. To what extent, the government polices help Maoists to mobilize the masses?
                                                              11. "Naxalism is the outcome of a number of various factors political and economical in nature."Discuss Critically.
                                                              12. "Naxalism is not just a law and order problem but is a result of distorted developmental planning in the tribal areas."Examine.
                                                              13. "Displacement due to development has been one of the key reasons of loss of home, livelihood and means of survivals for tribals in India."Discuss with examples.
                                                              14. "To what extent, opening up of mining sector has been responsible for the unrest in tribals' areas in India."Critically examine with examples.
                                                              15. Discuss the anti-Naxal strategy and measures taken in India citing various issues and challenges in the same.
                                                              16. "Discuss the origin and key state and non-state players in the insurgency in Kashmir, while throwing light upon India's response to insurgency."
                                                              17. "While the Kashmir issue is related to secession from India, the Ladakh region demanded greater integration with India."Discuss emphasising on the later.
                                                              18. "Though the Mizo Accord has been most successful agreement with insurgents in India yet the Hmar insurgency finds its roots in the same accord. Who are Hmars and why they are restive?"Discuss.
                                                              19. The SAMADHAN doctrine has put the onus of handling Left Wing Extremism entirely on the states. Do you agree with this view? Give arguments. Also enumerate the differences between the newly proposed doctrine with earlier Integrated Action Plan (IAP) and other such schemes.
                                                              20. Has the two-pronged policy of direct action by the security forces coupled with development to tackle Maoism problem been successful? To what extent? Discuss critically.
                                                              21. Why AFSPA has been imposed in J&K and North East but not in LWE affected Areas? Explain.
                                                              22. "There is no doubt that killings and human rights violations have occurred due to AFSPA but the problems posed by an array of internal and external agents necessitate an act with teeth to deal with them."Critically discuss in the light of various concerns raised against the act.
                                                              23. Why north-eastern states are demanding a separate time zone? What would be the implications if India adopts two time zones?
                                                              24. Northeast India was at the forefront of economic development and prosperity during British India but has faced marginalisation since Independence. In this context, discuss some of the steps taken to replenish the past glory of the region.
                                                              25. How the internal security challenges in Nagaland are different from that in Manipur and Tripura? Explain.
                                                              26. Critically analyze the lack of development as backward linkage for Extremism in India.
                                                              27. How is Naxalism different from Maoism in India? Throw light on main reasons for the spread of Naxalism and Maoism in the country.
                                                              28. India has used various developmental interventions to find a resolution for several existing and protracted internal conflicts that India is plagued with since independence. But they have proved to be insufficient in tacking the issues in a reasonable time frame. Discuss.
                                                              29. Though most of insurgent groups of northeast have given up violence and are engaged in peace talks, there are several issues that can act as hurdle in the way of peace. Discuss.
                                                              30. The roots of Naga insurgency lies in issues associated with Identity and ethnicity. But it has become a complex problem over time with political, social & economic ramifications. Elaborate.
                                                              31. While on one hand regionalism acts as a threat to national integrity, on the other hand it is also an efficient tool for increasing political participation. Analyse.
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