Issues Relating to Poverty and Hunger


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                              1. Poverty alleviation programmes in India remain mere showpieces until and unless they are backed up by political will. Discuss with reference to the performance of the major poverty alleviation programmes in India.
                              2. Hunger and Poverty are the biggest challenges for good governance in India still today. Evaluate how far successive government have progressed in dealing with these humongous problems. Suggest measures for improvement.
                              3. What are the findings about India's economic progress in the World Inequality Report 2018? Discuss the reasons for the high and persistent income inequality in the country.
                              4. Differentiate between Absolute Poverty and Relative Poverty. Throw light on some of the measures adopted by the current government to eliminate the curse of poverty.
                              5. Looking at the estimated poverty decline in India between 2011-12 and 2016-17, do you think time has come for our economic policies to change? Comment.
                              6. What are the findings of the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey?
                              7. Why there are fears that state revenue will fall behind the estimates?
                              8. What is Global Hunger Index? List the parameters of the Global Hunger Index.
                              9. What are the findings of the Global Hunger Index 2019?
                              10. Analyze the performance of India in the Global Hunger Index 2019.
                              11. The State of the World’s Children report of UNICEF portrays a dismal picture of India. Elaborate
                              12. Despite its transformative potential the mid-day meal is perceived as charity and not a civic responsibility. Comment.
                              13. Tackling Malnutrition with Biofortification
                              14. Revisiting the National Nutrition Strategy 2018
                              15. Global Hunger Index-2019: Analyzing Government Response
                              16. Disclaimer: These questions have been written and answered by GKToday team over the period of time; and have included some previous years questions also. While every effort was made to ensure that these questions as well as their answers remain relevent and correct, it is possible, that some facts or context in some questions might have changed over time. GKToday does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by such change of facts or context in the questions and answers of this E-book.

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