002 - Indian Literature

Elucidate the factors that contributed towards the growth of regional literature in India during the Sultanate period?

The key factors that contributed towards growth of regional literature in India during sultanate period were as follows: The siege of Baghdad (1258) and subsequent destruction of literary and cultural centres of West and Central Asia by Mongols led to an influx of numerous scholars, poets, artists and men of letters to Delhi. Due to ..

Krishnadevaraya : Accomplished scholar & Great patron of literature

Krishnadevaraya was one of the greatest rulers of South India. He was the third ruler of the Tuluva dynasty and brought almost entire South India under his reign. He was bestowed with various titles such as Andhra Bhoja, Moory Rayara Ganda, Kannada Rajya Rama Ramana. Krishnadevaraya was a man of many talents and took keen ..

What is the importance of the Bhagavata movement in the history of Indian art?

The Bhakti movement witnessed a surge in Hindu literature in regional languages, particularly in the form of devotional poems and music. This literature includes the writings of the Alvars and Nayanars, poems of Andal, Basava, Bhagat Pipa, Allama Prabhu, Akka Mahadevi,  Kabir,  Nanak,   Tulsidas, Gusainji, Ravidas,  Jayadeva, Namdev, Tukaram, Mirabai, etc. The Bhagavata Purāṇa is one of eighteen Maha (great) Puranic texts of Hinduism. Composed in Sanskrit and available in almost all regional ..


While elucidating their evolution in the Indian moral thinking, critically discuss the concepts of Rta and Dharma.

During the early periods of Vedic era, the term Rta or Rtam was used to designate the cosmic moral principle according to which all things in universe operate. Thus, Rta is a principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it. The Rig-vedic people realized that there ..

What do you understand by Jatakas? How do the Jatakas relate to Buddhism?

The Jātaka tales are a voluminous body of literature native to India concerning the previous births of Gautama Buddha. These are the stories that tell about the previous lives of the Buddha, in both human and animal form. Jataka tales were written in layman language and everybody could relate to them. Jataka tales are not ..