Important Geophysical Phenomena


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                                              1. Most of the unusual climatic happenings are explained as an outcome of the El-Nino effect. Do you agree?
                                              2. Discuss the concept of air mass and explain its role in macro-climatic changes.
                                              3. "The Himalayas are highly prone to landslides."Discuss the causes and suggest suitable measures of mitigation.
                                              4. Major cities of India are becoming vulnerable to flood conditions. Discuss.
                                              5. Explain the meaning of soil retrogression while differentiating it from soil degradation. What are the major consequences of soil retrogression and degradation?
                                              6. What are the major characteristics of El Nino that reappear with its every cycle? Examine the impacts of El Nino on regional climate, ecosystems and human activities with reference to (1) Australia (2) California
                                              7. Give a comparative account of structure and associated weather conditions of tropical cyclone with that of temperate cyclone.
                                              8. What are the conditions for a hurricane to form? Enumerate various categories of Hurricanes as per Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale.
                                              9. If the Earth's axis were tilted at 40° to the plane of the ecliptic instead of 23½°, what would be the effects of this change on (1) global climate and seasons (2) seasons and climate of India?
                                              10. Explain the role of the polar front and the air masses that come in conflict in the polar front zone in the temperature and precipitation cycles of the mid latitude and high latitude climates.
                                              11. Account for variations in oceanic salinity and discuss it's multi-dimensional effects.
                                              12. What characters can be assigned to monsoon climate that succeeds in feeding more than 50% of world population residing in Monsoon Asia?
                                              13. What are the conditions for tropical cyclone formation? Why there is variation in frequency and intensity of cyclones in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea? Discuss.
                                              14. Differentiate between between cyclone, hurricane, tornado and twister. Explain the necessary conditions for their formation. Which of these are generally observed in India and at which places?
                                              15. Discuss the constructive and destructive effects of volcanic eruptions with suitable examples.
                                              16. Define gravitational waves. What are the tangible benefits of detecting and studying the gravitational waves? Explain.
                                              17. Why the CSIR National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) is advocating for two time zones in India?
                                              18. What are potential impacts of the Indian monsoons on Atlantic hurricanes?
                                              19. Discuss effects of volcanic eruptions. Why the Pacific region is known as the ring of fire?
                                              20. Why fewer cyclones originate in Arabian Sea compared to Bay of Bengal? Discuss the details of the cyclone warning system in India.
                                              21. What could be the possible reasons of the slower-than-expected progress of the western branch of the Southwest monsoon in 2019?
                                              22. What is the Heat Wave? Explain the after effects of Heat wave on living beings and also on the economy.
                                              23. Global Climate Risk Index 2020 Published
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