Distribution of Key Natural Resources Across the World


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                                                1. Critically evaluate the various resources of the oceans which can be harnessed to meet the resource crisis in the world.
                                                2. South China Sea has assumed great geopolitical significance in the present context. Comment.
                                                3. "In comparison to the temperate fishing, tropical fishing is insignificant not only in terms of quantity but also quality." Elucidate the reasons.
                                                4. With suitable examples, discuss how plate movements affect the formation and distribution of natural resources around the world.
                                                5. Discuss the legal and institutional framework to regulate and control the extraction of natural resources in seabed area beyond the limits of national jurisdictions.
                                                6. Production of Commercial Timber / Lumbering around the world is concentrated in the mid-latitude regions. Why? Explain while giving an account of spatial distribution of Commercial Timber Belts Forests around the world.
                                                7. Many countries around the world have shown technically recoverable shale gas potential but as of now the commercially viable production is being done only few countries? Explain the reasons. How the twin techniques of horizontal drilling and hydro-fracking have revolutionized shale gas industry?
                                                8. Explain the features of the rare-earth metals. Where do they come from?
                                                9. What are the Conflict Minerals? Do you think there is a foolproof mechanism to identify the conflict minerals? Discuss in the light of available framework around the same.
                                                10. Discuss the distribution, production and various applications of Cobalt as a natural resource. Should Cobalt be dealt as a conflict mineral? Examine in the light of recent controversies.
                                                11. Despite being rich in natural resources, Africa continent has widespread poverty and under-development. Examine the causes.
                                                12. What do you understand by Blood Diamonds? Critically examine the performance of Kimberley Process in limiting the number of conflict diamonds entering the market.
                                                13. Give an account of the major Iron Ore producing regions / countries of the world.
                                                14. Account for the spatial pattern of the Manganese ore distribution in World and India.
                                                15. Account for the spatial pattern of the Copper ore in the World. 
                                                16. Account for the spatial pattern of the Aluminum ore in the World.
                                                17. Account for the spatial pattern of the Zinc around the world.
                                                18. Explain the spatial pattern of the Tin around the world.
                                                19. Critically assess the implications of China’s coal peak over coal industry in the world.
                                                20. Give an account of the major coal mining regions around the world.
                                                21. “In last few years, the Global oil prices have fallen sharply.” Examine the reasons and its implications for oil producers, consumers and environment.
                                                22. In view of the importance of Blue Economy to New India Vision 2030, delineate the distribution of key ocean minerals that can help India realize its potential.
                                                23. The use of Natural gas as an important primary energy source is rising and expected to increase further. Identify the various uses of natural gas and give a brief account of its distribution globally.
                                                24. Give an account of the deposits of different types of minerals found in ocean relief across the world.
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