GS-III: Different Types of Irrigation and Irrigation Systems


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                                    1. Why is the problem of water-logging is still bringing havoc to the cities in Punjab?
                                    2. Do you agree with the view that "Dewas model"in irrigation should be replicated across the country. Discuss while highlighting features of this model.
                                    3. With respect to water usage and storage, it is generally said that India has focussed more on supply-side management, while no emphasis is placed on demand-side management. Discuss while suggesting way forward.
                                    4. To what extent, the lopsided procurement system in the country is responsible for the groundwater crisis looming large in recent times? Explain.
                                    5. Can artificial recharge of the ground water solve India's ground water crisis? To what extent? Discuss while enumerating various methods of artificially recharging the Ground Water.
                                    6. The British Colonial rule systematically broke the traditional system of community management of irrigation tanks in various parts of India. While taking Madras Compulsory Labor Act of 1858 as an example, discuss why the practices such as Kudimaramath did not flourish despite of state legislations.
                                    7. "Surface Irrigation is often associated with several issues undermining productivity and environmental sustainability."Explain.
                                    8. Differentiate between Minor, Medium and Major Irrigation Schemes. Bring out their relative importance.
                                    9. "Despite of heavy public expenditure on canals, our governments have not been able to reduce the groundwater depletion."Critically examine the issue.
                                    10. The soul of any government scheme lies in its implementation. With this reference, critically discuss the drawbacks of Command Area Development Programme and Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP).In your view , how the recently launched Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayi Yojana addresses these issues? Discuss.
                                    11. Differentiate between Dryland Farming and Rainfed Farming. Discuss the relative importance of both for India agriculture.
                                    12. Kaleshwaram Multipurpose Lift Irrigation Project is the world�s largest irrigation and drinking water system. This has been possible because Telangana is located around 300-650 m above MSL. Comment.
                                    13. Elaborate the impact of National Watershed Project in increasing agricultural production from water stress areas.
                                    14. Integrated water resource management can address the problems related to water in India. Discuss.
                                    15. Farm loan waivers are neither adequate nor recommended for promoting sustained agricultural growth. Analyze.
                                    16. In current scenario of increasing scarcity of water resources, the micro-irrigation can be a game changer for agriculture in India by making it more efficient, productive and sustainable. Analyse. Also enumerate various steps taken by the government to promote micro irrigation in India.
                                    17. An overhaul of Agro-R&D is imperative for fulfilling of India’s obligations of doubling farmer’s income. Comment.
                                    18. The negative consequences of input-intensive and unsustainable agricultural practices in India can be nullified by transitioning to Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA). Discuss.
                                    19. Disclaimer: These questions have been written and answered by GKToday team over the period of time; and have included some previous years questions also. While every effort was made to ensure that these questions as well as their answers remain relevent and correct, it is possible, that some facts or context in some questions might have changed over time. GKToday does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by such change of facts or context in the questions and answers of this E-book.

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