Why was January 26 chosen as the Republic Day?

January 26 was not some random date picked out of the calendar. It was on this date in 1927, that the Indian National Congress, then fighting its non-violent war for freedom, voted for complete independence as against ‘dominion status’. It was the date when members of the INC took the pledge to work towards a ‘sovereign democratic republic’ of India. After the Constitution was written and adopted on November 1949, 26 January 1950 the following year was chosen as the day when India would finally arrive as a nation, complete with the lengthiest and the most detailed constitution in the world.
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  • Raghu waran .R

    Under the presidentship of J.L.Nehru inc at its lahore session declared poorna swaraj (complete independance) as its ultimate goal. On dec 31 1929 the newly adopted tri color flag was unfurled and jan 26 1930 was fixed as the first independance day,which was to be celebrated every year. In order gave honered to that date even the constitution was ready on nov 26 1949 it delayed to jan 26 1950.if anyone found any fault please correct me.

  • Prem Thapa

    Dear Warren, It is so nice of you that u’ve posted your view on the related matter.Hope oters will be motivated by the same and ‘ll stick their view and share the knowledge with us.But please don’t forget to send your ans if you have any.Wishing u and all a very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.