Why Jhamrkota Mines of Rajasthan are famous?

India produced 1547 thousand tons of phosphorite/rock phosphate in 2009-10. Entire Rock Phosphate production was from Public Sector. Jhamarkotra mine of Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Limited (RSMML) accounted for 88% of the total production in India and the entire production of Rajasthan during 2009-10. Madhya Pradesh contributed the remaining 12% of the production. Please also note that Rajasthan is the sole producer of jasper, lead & zinc concentrate and wollastonite. Rajasthan was the sole producer of garnet (gem) till 2004-05. Almost entire production of calcite and natural gypsum in the country comes from Rajasthan. State is a major producer of  asbestos, copper concentrate, ochre, phosphorite/rock phosphate, silver, steatite, ball clay, fluorite and felspar. The State is also an important producer of marble having various shades. Makrana area is world famous centre for marble mining.

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