Which cricketer was known as “The Don” and “Boy from Bowral”?

Australian Cricketer Sir Donald George Bradman was referred to as The Don. He is greatly recognized as one of the greatest Cricketer (Batsman) of all times. Bradman’s career Test batting average of 99.94 has been claimed to be statistically the greatest achievement in any major sport. He was one of the most sought after player in the world Cricket History. His status as a national icon was still recognized even after 50 Years of his retirement from the active test cricket. He was once called the “Greatest Living Australian” by Australian Prime Minister John Howard. He was the first living Australian to have a museum dedicated to his life. His birth centenary was observed in 2008 when Royal Australian Mint issued a $5 commemorative gold coin with his image. He was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2009. He belonged to Bowral which is largest town located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.
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