Which countries are capable of Anti-Ballistic Missiles (ABM)?

ABMs are used against Ballistic Missiles. German’s initiated the idea by the use of V-1 and V-2 in WW II to destroy rockets before they hit the target. The first experimental ABM system was the soviet V-1000 system. After that America speeded its R&D in ABMs. The mass use of ABMs resulted in the ABM Treaty 1972 between the USA and the then USSR to limit the ABM systems used in defending areas against missile-delivered nuclear weapons. US withdrew from this in June 2002. Countries capable of ABMs are USA, Russia, Israel, India. China has tested a land-based high-altitude anti-ballistic missile on 11 January 2010.

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  • Anonymous

    Countries having Ballistic missile defence system are:
    CHINA is still developing it.