When in India, the British were given permission to struck coins?

The permission to mint and issue coins in India was first given to the British East India Company in 1685 AD. Initially they minted coins from Mumbai and issued Gold coins, silver coins as well as Copper Coins. The Gold coins were of Indian type and Silver and Copper Coins were of European type. The first coins issued by them from Mumbai are engraved with name of Farrukhsiyar. Later in 1740s , it was Mohammad Shah Rangila, who issued a firman to them to issue some coins of the type of Nawab of Arcot. It was only after attaining the Diwani rights of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa when company started issuing coins in the name of the crown.
Battle of Swally Hole of 1615 was a kind of Portuguese raid upon the British. This was the initial struggling time for British, when William Hawkins had arrived in India to obtain permission from Jahangir to do trade. After him Nicholas Downton had come with a few shipts at the mouth of the Tapti River, where he was attacked by the Portuguese.
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