Difference in Gross NPA & Net NPA

Gross NPA is the amount outstanding in the borrowal account, in books of the bank other than the interest which has been recorded and not debited to the borrowal account. Net NPAs is the amount of grosss NPAs less (1) interest debited to borrowal and not recovered and not recognized as income and kept in interest suspense (2) amount of provisions held in respect of NPAs and (3) amount of claim received and not appropriated.

The Reserve Bank of India defines Net NPA as
Net NPA = Gross NPA – (Balance in Interest Suspense account + DICGC/ECGC claims received and held pending adjustment + Part payment received and kept in suspense account + Total provisions held).
The Reserve Bank of India Banks has advised the banks to compute their Gross Advances, Net Advances, Gross NPAs and Net NPAs as per the following format w.e.f. September 2009.


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