What is Rebel issue in numismatic parlance ?

A ‘rebel issue’ in numismatic parlance is one that is issued by a person anticipating to become the ruler, even before the coronation.

Though some “rebel issues” from the Mughal period come for auctions, they are normally rare.

Recently, a ‘rebel issue’ dating back to CE 1791 has generated quite a buzz in the numismatists’ circle. The gold coin issued by Bharat Simha, an 18th century ruler of Assam, which was hitherto unlisted, was auctioned for the first time in the country.

The coin, described as “exceedingly rare”, weighs 11.2 gram. It was lapped up by a bidder from the north east for Rs. 6.25 lakh. With hammer commission, service tax, VAT and insurance, the total cost for the bidder is expected to exceed Rs. 7 lakh.

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