What is happening in Catalonia? What next after direct rule of Spain?

Catalonia Parliament approved a motion of unilateral declaration of Independence from Spain after Spain Senate voted to grant power to Central government of Spain to impose direct rule in Catalonia.

Unilateral declaration of Independence means when a new state is established and declared its independence and Sovereignty within an existing country without consent of that country.

But the problem is Catalonia has no right to cede from Spain because Spain’s democratic constitution of 1978, which was approved by more than 90% of Catalan voters, gave wide autonomy to the regions but affirmed not to separate from Spain. Due to this it is difficult for Catalonia to get support from international communities.

Another instance of Similar kind is Kosovo’s declaration from Serbia, in this case International Court of Justice concluded that Kosovo’s declaration “did not violate international law” or Security Council resolutions.
When Quebec voted on separation from Canada, the supreme court of Canada advised that people have the right to cede when they face oppression and exploitation from Federal government. In case of Catalonia experts saying that Catalonian people enjoying democratic rights and did not face any oppression from Spain.

Member countries of European Union respects territorial integrity of other member nations, so it will be difficult for Catalonia to get support from European Union also.


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