What is Desmoteplase?

  • A new research has shown that the saliva of vampire bats, which feed on blood, can save lives of stroke victims.
  • This is because of Desmoteplase, a chemical found in the saliva of vampire bats that has the effect of catalysing the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fibrin blood clots.
  • Thus, this compound can thin blood and dissolve clots in the brain. Currently, most types of strokes need clot-busting shots within four hours of the attack for effective treatment.
  • Desmoteplase can have the same effect for up to nine hours. Researchers who carried out a previous smaller study said the drug was “the biggest breakthrough” in stroke treatment in two decades. The difference implies that drug Desmoteplase could be administered to stroke victims while asleep.
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