Business Facilitation Council

The Business Facilities Council (BFC) has been established in December 2009 by State Government of Delhi as a single point clearence to encourage entrepreneurs intersted in setting up units in Delhi.

The idea is to facilitate the entrepreneurs in obtaining clearances from various departments/agencies for setting up of enterprises in a time bound manner and relieve entrepreneurs from the difficulties of running to various departments for clearences. The objective of BFC would be to ensure grant of all approvals required from various departments through a time bound, simplified and single point contact system.

Following are some of the features:

  1. Single point contact
  2. Common application form fulfilling the requirements of all departments dealing with statutory and non-statutory clearances
  3. Facility of filling up of the common application form by the entrepreneurs through officers of the BFC
  4. Prime role in suggesting policy changes and procedural reforms to remove bottlenecks in setting up of industrial unit
  5. Strive to improve the processing mechanism of applications