What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing refers to the second phase of software or user acceptance testing following alpha tests. It is conducted by the desired audience in the production environment basically to get the feedback from the user about the product and gauge if it is up to the objectives for which it was designed. Beta tests are usually a type of external user acceptance tests. Beta versions are released to a few users only outside the original development team. This is often released to groups of individuals to find out if the product has few bugs and defects. There is a feedback window where all the entire feedback is collected, to be further implemented in the future. The primary aim is to ensure product quality with the help of users input. It is thus, a kind of pre-release testing which takes place at the site of the customer. It is used to check security and reliability. It is also known as ‘field testing’ and ‘black box testing’. It thus gives a true feedback for the software from the ultimate users to give shape to a stable candidate suitable for final release.

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