What are 4 Grandslams?

There are four Grand Slam tournaments in Tennis viz. Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. They are also called Majors. These are the biggest tennis events of the year. These four majors are played in the same order like first the

Australian Open

Australian open started in 1905. This tournament held annually in Melbourne over the fortnight of January. It is played on hard courts. It was the first Grand Slam tournament to feature indoor play during wet weather or extreme heat where courts are equipped with retractable roofs. The tournament holds the record for the highest attendance at a Grand Slam event.

French Open

French open started in 1891. It is also known as Ronald Garros tournament. It was held over two weeks between late May and early June in Paris. This tournament is played on clay courts. The event is widely considered to be the most physically demanding tennis tournament in the world and Roland Garros is currently the only major open (sport) held on clay.


Wimbledon started in 1877. This grass court tennis grand slam is the oldest of all four of these tennis events. The oldest, still-active tennis tournament in the entire world, it is looked at by many in the tennis world as the most prestigious, and it is usually held from late June to early July. Generally, it took place over two weeks in late June and early July, starting on the third Monday in June.

Since its year of inception, which was 1877, Wimbledon has been held at the All England Club located in Wimbledon, London. In 1877, the one tennis event that was held at this club was the Gentlemen’s Singles, and it was won by a fellow named Spencer Gore who competed in a field of 22 participants. Some 200 spectators paid a shilling a piece to watch this final tennis tournament.

US open

US open started in 1881. It held annually, starting on the last Monday in August, and lasting for two weeks into September, with the middle weekend coinciding with the Labor Day holiday.

This tournament is played on hard court. The US Open is the only Grand Slam that employs tiebreakers in every set of a match. For the other three Grand Slam events, if a match goes to the last possible set (the third for women, fifth for men) and there is a 6–6 tie, the match continues until one player wins by two games, but the sets played before the last set always employ tiebreakers should a set reach 6–6.

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