Vellore Mutiny 1806

Mutiny of Vellore 1806

When Lord Wellesley was justifying himself in England for his ventures in India, there was a more important event which had lasting importance than any other thing in the history and which began the earliest sign of a great mutiny coming up half century later.

At Vellore, some foolish orders were passed by Sir John Cradock and Lord Howdon, the commander in Chief in Madras to regulate the dress of the Sepoys. They must change the turban of the Indians so that it looks more like the Helmet and the why the Hindu Brahmin Sepoys put caste marks on their foreheads? The Muslims must get rid of their beards.

It appeared to the Sepoys that they were going to be “Christianized”. The result was that on the midnight of 10 July 1806, the crowd got collected, sepoys mixed with them led by one of Tipu’s son, massacred the Europeans and hoisted the Flag of the Mysore Sultanate out there. The mutiny was subdued by dawn, but it sends ripples of fear among the British overlords, as first sign of losing an empire.

But the empire was established. It was now turn to look at the foreign countries and establish diplomatic relations with them. In 1807 Lord Minto came to India as Governor General.

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