Third Carnatic War

Third Carnatic War 1757-63

  • The conflict between the France and England got renewed in 1756 in Europe, in the form of Seven Years War, which is coterminous with the Third Carnatic War.
  • The Third Carnatic war was a local version of the Seven Years war in Europe
  • The Third Carnatic War put an end to the French ambitions to create a colonial empire in India.

The earlier two Carnatic wars were limited to Deccan but the third war spread in Bengal also. The British Forces were able to capture the French Settlements at Chandranagar in 1757.

  • The French forces in south were led by Comte De Lally.
  • The British forces under Sir Eyre Coote, defeated the French in the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760 and besieged Pondicherry.

After Wandiwash, the French capital of Pondicherry fell to the British in 1761. When the Seven Years war ended with The war concluded with the signing of the 1763 Treaty of Paris or Peace of Paris, or the Treaty of 1763.

  • As per parts of this treaty, the Chandranagar and Pondicherry was returned to France. The French were now allowed to have trading posts in India but forbade French traders from administering them. The Government of France also agreed to support British client governments.
  • This was the last nail in the coffin of the French ambitions of an Indian Empire. British were now the dominant power in India.
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