Importance of 1957 in electoral history of India

1951-51 marked the conduct of the first general elections in independent India, while 1957 was when the second general elections were conducted. While 1952 will also be a landmark in electoral history, 1957 is of more significance. The Indian National Congress spearheaded India’s freedom struggle and was extremely popular. More than the first national elections, the second elections exhibits the strength of democracy in a nation. While the second general elections took place in India in 1957, it was 1977 by the time the second general elections took place in Pakistan. Hence, it is reflective of how healthy the democracy is. Additionally, the then Election Commissioner of India utilised the second general elections as an opportunity to fine tune the mechanisms he had set in place for the first general elections, and ensured that the expenses incurred for conducting the elections was lower the second time around. Though the second general elections saw fewer parties contesting the elections in comparison to the first general elections, there was still a healthy competition between multiple parties. The strength of a democratic nation is determined by its elections, and the second general elections saw the people give their resounding support to the Indian National Congress and its policies.

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