The Kalachuris of Chedi

The name Kalachuri is used for two dynasties. One of them ruled in Central India in Madhya Pradesh and Parts of Rajathan and other ruled in Karnataka. The one that ruled in North India were called “Northern Kalachuris” or “Kalachuris of Chedi”.

The important ruler of this dynasty named Gangeya Deva (1015-1040) was contemporary of the Chandela king Ganda. He tried to establish the paramount power in Northern India. His suzerainty was accepted up to Tirhut.

His son Karnadeva (1040-1070AD) joined Bhima, the King of Gujarat to crush Bhoja, the Paramara King of Malwa in 1053 AD.

The Chandelas lingered as local chiefs up till the 16th century but none of them has a general importance. The Kalachuris of Chedi disappeared by the end of 12th century.

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