The Dissention in Marathas

When Warren Hastings took office, the Power of the Marathas, which has accumulated for over a century now had made them dominant from the Sutlej River in North to Kanyakumari in South. However, the shattering overthrow they suffered in the Third Battle of Panipat in 1761 by the forces of Ahamad Shah Durrani, they were expelled from Punjab. But still, in Western India & Konkan they were supreme. In Rajputana and Central India they kept raiding.

Immediately after the Third Battle of Panipat, Balaji Bajirao, the Third Peshwa of Marathas had died. He was succeeded by his son Madhavrao-I. This 16 years youth was to be assisted by his Uncle Raghunath Rao in the administrative affairs.

In 1762, they sat out for a raid in Karnataka. But before that there was a conflict between Madhavrao I and his uncle Raghunath Rao. Raghunath Rao abandoned the troop midway and raided the villages nearby. The discord increased and there was a war or sort between the two relatives.

Madhavrao I died shortly afterwards of Tuberculosis. His brother Narayanrao became the next Peshwa who was murdered by Raghunathrao in 1773. Thus , Raghunathrao became the Peshwa.

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