Supercontinent Amasia

clip_image004Supercontinent Amasia is the name of a future Supercontinent. Recently, scientists have claimed that in the coming 50 to 200 million years, Australia may merge with India while all the continents may collide each other to form one massive Supercontinent. This will result in a single super continent that will be formed by merger of Asia and North America. It has been named as Super Continent "Amasia" (America + Asia). The Geologists at Yale University in the US predicted that the Americas and Asia will drift northward, closing off the Arctic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to merge around the North Pole and form a Supercontinent called Amasia.

What is the rationale behind this projection?

The study is based upon the fact that the plates of the Earth’s crust are always moving and that one very far-off day, the world will be a very different place. This prediction relies mostly on the fact that the Pacific Plate is already subducting under Eurasia and North America, a process which if continued will eventually cause the Pacific to close. Meanwhile, because of the Atlantic mid-ocean ridge, North America would be pushed westward. Thus, the Atlantic at some point in the future would be larger than the Pacific. In Siberia, the boundary between the Eurasian and North American Plates has been stationary for millions of years. The combination of these factors would cause North America to be combined with Asia, thus forming a Supercontinent. A February 2012 study predicts Amasia will form over the North Pole, in about 50 million to 200 million years

  • Americas and Asia will drift northward, closing off the Arctic and Caribbean Oceans, to merge around the North Pole and form a supercontinent called Amasia.
  • Researchers find that formation of supercontinents follow a pattern. The last supercontinent Pangea — which was formed 300 million years ago — was preceded by as many as three others.