Shishunaga Dynasty

Shishunaga was the founder of this dynasty. He was an amatya / officer / governor of the last Haranyaka ruler Nagdasaka. After this coup d’état Shishunaga made Grivraja his residence and deputed his son to Banaras. Shishunaga was succeeded by Kalasoka. During Kalasoka, Pataliputra became the capital of Magadha. In Puranas he is mentioned as Kakavarna and in Sri Lankan texts he is mentioned as Kalasoka.

Kalasoka & Second Buddhist Council:

The second Buddhist Council was sponsored by Kalasoka at Vaishali in 383 BC. This council was invited by a Buddhist monk Yasa, who saw the local monks of Vaishali following the teaching laxily. The dispute was on 10 Points such as storing salt in horn, eating after midday, eating once and going to villages for alms, eating sour milk after one’s meal etc. It was not settleed and Buddhism sects appeared for the first time. President of this council was Sabakami.

The last rulers of Shishunaga Dynasty were 10 sons of Kalasoka who ruled simultaneously. Out of them one son Nandivardhana is mentioned in Puranas.

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